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Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance & Air Quality in St. Petersburg, Florida

Failure to properly maintain your air conditioning system can lead to higher energy bills and unexpected repair costs. Preventative maintenance is essential to the longevity and efficiency of your system. Just as your car requires tune-ups, so does your air conditioning system.

Filters and Coils

Two of the most important aspects of your air conditioning system that should remain free of debris are the filters and coils. Filters are not just mean to protect the air your breathe but also serve to limit debris from passing through to your systems components (the evaporator coil, blower motor and wheel). Dirty filters and coils restrict air flow eventually causing the system to "freeze up". As debris settles on the coil, the heat transfer that takes place as the warm air passes over the cool coils is decreased. Your system will no longer be able to draw the heat from the air effectively. When this happens, you will notice less air circulating from the vents and a rise in humidity levels. The system will work harder and less efficiently. If left the problem is left unchecked, the coils can freeze over and the system will no longer cool the home. Over time dirty coils can result in the compressor failing prematurely as it will be forced to run for longer durations.

Do Your Part

To keep your system operating efficiently, it is recommended that you change your filters on a monthly basis, keep your supply and return air vents clear of obstructions, and remove nearby debris or foliage from the outside condensing unit. Don't forget to schedule a system maintenance at least one or twice per year.

Our Service

Our maintenance service includes inspecting and testing the connections and settings of all system components. We will ensure that your equipment is operating properly and efficiently. Your system will also be cleaned inside and out, increasing your air quality and the life of your system.

Operation Air Inc.
does not charge by the hour for our services so you can be assured that we are taking our time to thoroughly inspect and clean your system. We provide maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Protect your investment and call us to schedule your seasonal maintenance prior to the Summer and Winter months.


Our maintenance agreement is $95.00. When you call upon Operation Air Inc., you are guaranteed honesty and quality service. Beware of companies that market maintenance visits at bottom dollar prices or you may find that your maintenance visit is really a sales presentation in disguise.