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Duke Energy Rebates in St. Petersburg, Florida


Lower your electric bill and receive a rebate credit on your Duke Energy bill

Duke Energy has selected Operation Air Inc. as a pre-qualified contractor to participate in their Home Energy Improvement Program. Under this program, we are able to help home-owners save money on their electric bill by making energy efficient improvements to their home's duct system and/or by the replacement of old, inefficient air conditioning equipment. Duke Energy offers an incentive of up to $150 toward the repair or replacement of your duct system, and up to $800 to upgrade your less efficient heat pump or heat strip system (both your air handler and condensing unit must be replaced at the same time).
To qualify for these rebates, you must first complete a Home Energy Check through Duke Energy.
Home Energy Check can be completed in person, by phone at 1.877.574.0340, or online via Online Form.

Duct Test & Repair Program:

A Duct Test is initially performed by Operation Air Inc. and your duct work is assessed for any air leakage or damage.


Duke Energy Pays for half of the test costs of $60. Customer's Cost is $30 for the first duct system, and $20 for additional duct systems.

Duct Repairs:

Duke Energy pays up to $150 toward any repairs that are needed.
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Heat Pump Replacement Program


Rebates for Replacing a less efficient heat pump

  • $200 for a minimum 15 SEER with 8.2 HSPF
  • $600 for a minimum 17 SEER with 9.0 HSPF

Rebates for Replacing Strip Heat to Heat Pump:

  • $375 for a minimum 15 SEER with 8.2 HSPF
  • $800 for a minimum 17 SEER with 9.0 HSPF
Your rebate will be credited to your electric bill within 60 days of installation (the exact timing depends upon when we receive the paperwork from your contractor as well as our billing cycle).

Supplemental Bonus

Receive an additional credit on your electric bill when you install a high-efficiency heat pump and participate in Duke Energy's Insulation or Duct Check Programs.